Royal Mail Christmas Stamps Part 3

I went to a coffee morning at one of my churches this morning. Our building is next to the Post Office. Someone was going to call next door for some stamps, so I told him the background of the last two days. When Geoff was served, he was given the angel stamps. He then queried why he hadn’t been offered the Madonna and Child stamps and was told, ‘You’ll have to wait four minutes while we open the safe.’ So he let some other customers be served, and he waited the four minutes.

Having received his more overtly Christian stamps, he explained to the staff and asked why they weren’t offering both types of Christmas stamp. They said they simply kept the angel stamps out, because they were on top when the delivery arrived. The Madonna and Child stamps were put in the safe for reasons of space.

If you want to have a conspiracy theory, I guess you could wonder why the latter stamps were on the bottom of the delivery, but one set had to be, and I still suspect there is an innocent explanation for this. Certainly the postmistress told Geoff there had been no instructions from on high to favour one set of stamps over the other, and we know her quite well. I would tend to believe her.

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