Royal Mail Christmas Stamps Update

My Chair of District assures me she sent the email (see last post) after hearing that a colleague had had this experience at a post office. Today I went to buy some stamps. I just asked for first class stamps. I thought I had been given the religious ones, but when I inspected them at home found I had just been given the generic ‘angel’ stamps, rather than the Madonna and child. Not noticing this important difference at the time, I thanked the post office clerk and told her about the email. She told me there were no instructions to withhold religious stamps. Rather, people were being sold Christmas stamps and if they objected, were being given ordinary stamps. However, in the light of what I now realise, I have emailed the following complaint on the Royal Mail website:

I went to a post office today to buy some first class stamps. While I was sold the ‘angel’ stamps, I now discover that had I wanted something more religious I could have been offered the ‘Madonna and child’ stamps. I am surprised at this reticence to offer the overtly religious stamps after last year’s furore. The angel stamps are hardly religious, with such generic words as ‘goodwill’ stripped of their Christian content. A friend of mine commented that he went to his post office in Hertfordshire, and he was not offered the religious stamps, either. I am puzzled why you do not have a policy of offering customers a choice. I hope you are not trying to make it look like there is little demand for religious stamps at Christmas. I would be grateful to know what your official policy is. I’d appreciate a written or emailed reply rather than a phone call, please. Many thanks.

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One comment

  1. Has anyone noted that the angel stamps are to commemorate the tercentenary of Charles Wesley’s birth? Author of well known carol, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, of course. Hence the angel stamps. So perhaps good Methodists should use the angel stamps!

    Other than that, I’m annoyed to have been sent the email apparently warning of an anti-Christian conspiracy, without anyone checking the facts.


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