The Authentic Use Of Technology

Leith Anderson on using technology with different generations: he sees PowerPoint as a Baby Boomer tool, but finds it less useful with younger generations who crave an authenticity in preaching that is difficult to hold to when everything is tightly scripted to connect with the screen. So he invites people to text questions on the sermon (which will appear on screen). He believes this participatory use of technology is perceived as more authentic.

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  1. The only way I can figure that texting would work is if it’s during the sermon – which seems a bit weird to me.

    Last month I tried to have a discussion with my very elderly congregation. Since the material was ‘adult’ – i.e. it was not a simple children’s presentation – I found it quite difficult and scary. It takes an amazing amount of preparation and the preacher has to be able to think on his/her feet – something I’m not good at.

    The attempt was well-received and we’re going to try it again.

    As a boomer, I have to say that I find the whole ‘authenticity’ thing to be quite confusing. I’m more interested in a discussion to get people to think and give their own input; not because it makes me look ‘authentic’.


  2. Interesting to read Pam’s response, because it does take loads of preparation, but I love it, I guess that is a personality thing! We use PP, and creative text and cafe style discussion… all very seat of the pants stuff- but wonderful.


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