Rob Bell Interview

Something else from that February issue of Christianity magazine is a terrific interview with Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church, Michigan and Velvet Elvis and Nooma DVDs fame. There is an extract on their website from the printed version; but even better is the full video interview (which lasts 35-40 minutes). Highlights for me include:

  • How Mars Hill can be ten thousand strong but distance itself from ‘mega-church’ values;
  • How Bell avoids label, including ’emerging’ and ’emergent’, because we all should be engaging with what it means to follow Jesus Christ today;
  • The use of everyday family life and friendships as a means of accountability.

But there is so much more. You may find your own highlights. I really can’t commend this too highly. I’m putting in my order now for his next book, Sex God, a provocative title for an examination of sexuality and spirituality. It’s due 30th March.

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  1. No, Pam, this is a different Mars Hill Church. Bell is in Grandville, Michigan, as opposed to Driscoll who is in Seattle. I think you’ll find Bell rather more eirenic and inclusive than Driscoll.


  2. confusing- but I’ve read some stuff from Rob Bell and it is good… shame they get placed in the same box!

    For Brit culture I’m not too sure about the Nooma’s tho!


  3. I’m reviewing Sex God if you want to go check it out.

    As an attender at Mars Hill, I can say that everything in that interview is being fleshed out here. One of the big mantras around here is “Me too.” The staff included. I’m so proud to be a part of this community. Rob is the same here as he is everywhere else.

    Thanks for the post.


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