Miroslav Volf and the Car Crash

Little did I know when posting yesterday on Miroslav Volf and forgivenesss that I would soon have to think about his teaching. Last night my car was parked outside one of my churches while I chaired a Church Council. During the meeting a driver came at high speed and smashed into the car parked behind me, which was forced into mine. The culprit tried to escape but two witnesses prevented him. By sheer providence a police officer was driving through the village on patrol at just the right time and so he was apprehended. This morning an officer has come to take my statement and I have learned he has been charged with drink-driving. I truly believe it is possible to keep forgiveness and justice together. The problem only comes wen justice mutates into revenge.

I was pretty calm about it last night but I think I have a touch of delayed reaction this morning. So I thought  that after phoning the insurers and speaking to the garage I needed to do something relaxing – blogging will do! I’ll try to justify it along the lines of spiritual journalling!

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