Buy Nothing Day

Tomorrow is International Buy Nothing Day – an annual event to expose the wickedness of consumerism. Wouldn’t you know that two of the three churches I serve are having Christmas fairs tomorrow? Rather like the way we protest against Sunday trading but have church bookstalls or fair trade stalls on a Sunday. Or more seriously, like the way too much of church culture bows down at the idol of consumerism. Christian retailers speak of ‘product’. I once saw a bookseller advertise ‘this indispensable book’ – and it wasn’t the Bible. We are dreadfully compromised.
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About Dave Faulkner

I'm a British Methodist minister, married with two children. I blog from a moderate evangelical-missional-charismatic perspective, with an interest in the 'missional' approach. My interests include Web 2.0, digital photography, contemporary music and watching football (Tottenham Hotspur) and cricket.

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