Blogs On The London Bombings

Lawrence Moore has a perceptive piece: Let’s Stop Pretending Suicide Bombers Are Cowards.

Maggi Dawn has this prayer from Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford.

Then there’s this from Tall Skinny Kiwi. I wish I shared his confidence that it was because this nation was doing the will of God. Although in some sense we are, regarding international debt. But was it really a spiritual attack in the light of the G8?

Others can only talk about people who were miraculously protected. Jonny Baker is one who was at home when he should have been in central London. Well, yes, but I’ve heard of at least one known Christian who was killed.

Are we getting over-spiritual and forgetting the timing of the day after the Olympics and the thought that the Games could be disrupted? Is it not more likely due to reasons our nation is already hated, viz a viz Iraq, etc.? Maybe we’ve over-spiritualised the atrocity.


  1. Glad you found it helpful. I like the tone of your coverage here, Dave. One of the things that most of us don’t get about injustice in the context of a global village is that we are all already linked in the cycle of violence. Terrorists don’t suddenly involve people (who were previously uninvolved) in violence: they simply change their experience of it. We experience the violence and injustic that spawns terror as something removed from us; as spectators. But we’re all part of the game. Terrorist attacks shift the field of play and involve spectators. That is why the ethical questions are so horrendously complex. And yet, in many ways, they boil down to something absurdly simple: we’re all in this together, which is why the struggle for justice and peace is not only liberation for the oppressed (most important) but, as a result, liberation for all.


  2. Thanks Lawrence; you might like what I’m just about to post any second now in ‘Blogs On the London Bombings (3)’ from Pete Phillips at postmodernbible.


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