Why I’ve Been Offline For Two Days

Never, never buy Norton Internet Security. The firewall had given me problems a few months ago, resulting in a switch to ZoneAlarm and subsequently Sygate, but on Thursday I made a grave error: I paid twenty-six of our finest British pounds to upgrade to the latest version of Norton, which includes anti-spyware and anti-adware. To cut a very long story short, I was still able to email but any program that wanted to access the web was prohibited, even if the software said it was allowed. For techies, it appears that port 80 was being blocked, but there was nowhere to change it.

So I’ve uninstalled it today. For anti-virus I’ve replaced it with a package that is free for home and non-commercial use called Avast, for anti-spam I’m trying Qurb (I didn’t like Mailwasher since you have to disable your email client from regularly performing an automatic send/receive), and I’m sticking with Sygate for the firewall.

Norton, you are never coming near my PC again. And I mean that in Christian love.

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