Moving House

We spent yesterday visiting the ‘manse’ (minister’s house) where we’ll be living when we move on from here in August. My predecessor, who leaves at the end of July, couldn’t have been more helpful. He gave me an excellent briefing on the churches I’ll be serving.

More worrying was the state of the manse. We had been told a lot of work needed doing on it, and we now know how true that statement was. I spent last night composing a five-page letter listing all the things Debbie and I believe need attention. The house was put up quickly by a builder who was more interested in a quick buck, the church authorities a few years ago were in a position of needing to buy a new manse urgently for my predecessor, and the choice of suitable homes on the market was limited.

Make haste and then repent at leisure, they say. Thankfully the church authorities don’t seem to be hanging around in putting things right for us. I guess it’s a bit like the penitent Old Testament sinner making restitution.

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