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Stephen Byers Lied To Parliament

According to today’s Guardian Stephen Byers’ admission in a court case that he lied to Parliament about Railtrack has scuppered his chances of a comeback to Government and risks him facing the wrath of “the Commons standards and privileges committee, the watchdog that guards the seven principles all MPs must uphold – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness, accountability, honesty and leadership”.

Those seven qualities are quite something. While the little bit of me that is postmodern is sceptical of how completely objective we can be, I just wonder how well we in the church do on this score.

Church Typos

Ekklesia News reports on the Top Ten Church Magazine Typos, as voted for at Ship Of Fools.

The best church typo I witnessed was in an Anglican church in Bristol. In the days of Xerox machines, they had duplicated a liturgy for prayers of intercession, using the Litany from the Alternative Service Book. When it got to praying for the Government, the sheet didn’t say, “Endue the High Court of Parliament and all the Ministers of the Crown with wisdom and understanding” but “Endure the High Court of Parliament …”.