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Reel Issues

As of today, the Bible Society‘s Reel Issues site gets a makeover. No longer a subscription service, but free, and with three different ways of discussing contemporary film in the light of faith. Some of the new approaches are suitable for youth groups. Well worth investigating.

Bible Sunday 2009

Bible Sunday 2009: Count On It

Bible Sunday 2009: Count On It

The Bible Society have today published their resources for this year’s Bible Sunday. The suggested date is 25th October, but churches can decide another day if preferred.

There is a huge amount available: an introduction, a talk outline, Bible foundations, post-talk material, resources for Junior Church and youth groups, prayers, a sketch, a five-minute video, a song and a newsletter. Still to come is a film for youth groups. Excellent stuff, as usual. The material for churches in England and Wales can be downloaded here, and links for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Australia can be found here. General information is here.