Some Health News And Some Links

Tomorrow is a big medical day for me. I’m nervous, but I shouldn’t be. I have the pre-op assessment prior to my nasal surgery on the 19th. I’ve been taking blood pressure readings all week at home, in case I do my usual of getting hyped up when I see a doctor or nurse and inflating my score. Then I’ve been called to see my GP, because a routine blood test has shown my cholesterol is still high, and the receptionist muttered something about the renal score, too. However, it is a routine appointment.

Today has been unspectacular. We’ve had the new cats speyed and microchipped. I’ve been starting to get some things ready for return to duty from Sunday onwards. Amongst other things, I’m going to be hosting several groups of children from a primary school at one of my churches – about ten half-hour slots in a day – talking about ‘my job’ as part of their RE Week.

Here are a few more links that might interest you.

The Evangelical Alliance issued a press release in which it encouraged churches to set up networks of ‘flu friends’ if swine flu takes hold. They suggest partnering with local surgeries and other appropriate organisations. Note, the full text is a Word document download.

One of my circuit colleagues, a URC minister in charge of an ecumenical church, has begun blogging today. Welcome to the blogosphere, Nigel Warner.

N T Wright on parallels between Luke 2 and 24.

Lots of blogs on men and singing in church, following a Daily Mail report. Here’s one to start you off.

Read-Write Web reports on the United Methodist Church listening and responding to social media.

The 150 best Hubble space images ever.

The best take on the introduction of ID cards in Manchester?


  1. Hi Dave….hope you and family ok?…is your op 19th may or june?…i ask this because my sister is having her op. on 19th May…Her op. is at Broomfield….waiting to hear about mum’s op date too….wouldnt be suprised if it’s 19th as well!!!…sods law as they say….anyway, you will be ok…i know it’s easy to say dont worry….(i worry if i havent got anything to worry about !!!)…i’m sure all will be ok.
    Will be thinking of you
    take care
    say hello to Debbie and the children



    1. Hi Paula,

      Thanks – yes, my op is 19th May too, but at St John’s. I even woke up nervous this morning! I could feel my heart racing a bit as I woke. Something in my body or subconscious is very unruly and doesn’t listen to reason!

      Keep us posted about your sister and your mum so we can pray.


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