Monthly Archives: May 2020

How The Ascension Asks Questions Of Us – Plus A Surprise At The End

The story of the Ascension is, to put it mildly, strange to modern ears, and we ask questions of it. But in this week’s devotion I argue that the Ascension asks questions of us.

Watch here:

And if you watched past the blessing at the end of the devotional and saw the surprise ending, please consider giving to Tearfund.

Forward To Normal: Finding A Prophetic Voice After COVID-19

It’s been a long time.


But restarting this blog is long overdue.

For the past several weeks during the coronavirus lockdown I’ve been posting weekly devotional videos on YouTube in place of regular sermons. At the very least – and especially considering how popular the sermons have been on here – I thought I ought to start posting them here as well as church websites, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

So here is this week’s.

There are just two disadvantages to this: you get both to hear me and to see me.