From Len Hjalmarson:

Belden Lane relates the story of Peter Matthiesson, who in the late
sixties set out on a 250 mile trek across the Himalayas. The public
object of the trip, along with biologist George Schaller, was to
document the mating and migratory patterns of the Himalayan blue sheep.
But the real goal, near to the heart of Peter Matthiesson, was to
glimpse the rare and elusive snow leopard.

Reading the story it struck me that the public personal of ministers
is to get things done. People will pay us to do work that is
measurable, and to get results. But they won’t pay us to be on
pilgrimage. They won’t pay us.. and sometimes won’t even ask us.. about
the more important work we do. Yet it is the inner vocation that roots
the outer, and we talk about sheep, when we long for a glimpse of
something more elusive.

Ring any bells? It does to me.

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